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What We Do


We serve as your personal Chief Financial Officer and partner for managing all things related to your financial life.

This goes beyond just investing to include financial planning and coordinating with your “team of experts,” such as your accountant, estate attorney, and insurance agent. These services are all included as part of the one transparent fee you pay.

Wealth Management

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Financial Planning Areas We Cover


Tax Planning

Are there ways to reduce my current taxes that I'm not utilizing? Should I be doing any year-end tax planning? Can I do anything to lower my future tax burden?


Cash Flow and Savings

Am I saving enough? How should I prioritize my different savings goals? Am I using the best account type for each goal?


Retirement Planning

Can I afford to retire? What’s the best way to create a “paycheck” from my various investment accounts and income sources?


Debt Management

Should I go for student loan forgiveness or refinance my loans? What size mortgage can I afford and what type should I choose? What's the best way to finance home renovations?


Insurance Planning

What types of insurance do I need? How much insurance coverage should I have? Should I adjust my insurance over time?


Estate Planning

What are the best ways to protect my assets from a lawsuit? If something happened to me today, what would happen to my assets? When should my estate plan be updated?


College Planning

How much should I be saving for college based on what I want to pay for? What’s the best way to save? Should I use a 529 plan?


Employee Benefits

Am I efficiently using all the benefits available to me? What things should I evaluate when considering a new job opportunity?


Charitable Giving

What’s the most tax-efficient way to make charitable donations? Are there other ways to make gifts, apart from giving cash?

Learn About Our Process