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Welcome To The Physician’s Guide To Financial Wellness, Episode #1 Thumbnail

Welcome To The Physician’s Guide To Financial Wellness, Episode #1

While everyone is faced with challenges when it comes to managing their finances, there are common and recurring themes that come up within particular professions. We have discovered that the questions we receive from our clients, who are primarily physicians, tend to have common themes as well.

This podcast is a bit different than your typical financial planning podcast because it’s focused primarily on the needs and challenges faced by physicians in the State of Michigan. So if you’re a physician from Michigan, you’re going to benefit from hearing the situations and scenarios that we share. You’ll also appreciate how the particular nuances of financial planning can be targeted to your needs as a physician.

Outline of this episode

  • Who we are and why we are producing a podcast [2:57]
  • The topics and information you will hear week to week on this podcast [7:21]
  • Non-finance related topics that we plan to address [10:56]
  • What you will NOT hear on this podcast [12:11]

Who can benefit the most from the podcast

It may seem interesting that this podcast is being produced primarily for the benefit of physicians who live and/or work in the State of Michigan, since that’s a pretty narrowly focused audience. Why such a focus? The answer is simple: there are unique challenges and issues that physicians in the State of Michigan face. Where are those individuals going to find the help they need to address those particular circumstances?

This podcast is one answer to that question. We have a wide range of experience working with physicians in the State of Michigan. We’ve discovered that when we provide education and resources that are specific to the needs of our ideal clients, we are often able to help those individuals move forward in their financial lives in significant ways. Listen to hear all the details.

Nuances specific to physicians in Michigan

What are some of the issues Michigan physicians should be knowledgeable about that physicians from other states may not? As a few examples, college planning options, opportunities when it comes to asset protection, and tax planning in Michigan. Another big area of need has to do with those who work as an employee of one of the many large health systems within the state, which all have unique employee benefits and opportunities. This podcast is a source of information specific to those situations.

80% of the outcome is often attributable to 20% of the effort

Even though we love the world of financial planning and management, we know that for many people it can be difficult to wade through the nuances of detailed financial topics. This is especially true when you’re busy keeping up with the demands of your own profession or area of specialization. This podcast exists to help Michigan physicians learn and keep up with the vital financial issues and knowledge they need to make the important decisions that impact much of their financial success. 

Toward that end, we promise to keep our discussions simple, focusing on the need-to-know issues you care about. We will also spend some time on non-financial topics such as maximizing well-being across the board so that you can enjoy life along the way. 

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